GENERAL NEWSY THING (December 1st, 2008)

So, what’s the haps? Is that what you’re saying? Well, probably not, because nobody actually says that anymore, but you are possibly wondering where I am and what’s happening.

The answer is simple: I am absolutely buried under homework. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is when quite a lot of my homework seems to be due. It’s the equivalent of a finals week, if I had finals in my classes. And while I’ve had plenty of time to work on all the projects…I spent almost two months terribly sick. So all the stuff got pushed to the very last second.

As a result, I’ve made sluggish progress on God in the Machine, episode 7.

However, the majority of the work is done now. Or at least, the stuff that was on crushing deadlines is wrapped up. I’ve still got a fair bit to do. But hopefully, I can intermingle it with 1) Sleep 2) eating 3) God in the Machine, ep. 7.

I’ve been perpetually irked for the past two weeks, writing episode 7 in bits and pieces. I really want to finish it! I want it to be read! I’ve got the whole story laid out in my head, and it ticks like a piece of really fine clockwork, and I want to show it off. But it has to get down on paper, and then go out.

So, that’s where I’m at. I just need a few hours of concentration and peace to write the rest of the episode. Alternatively, I need frantically grabbed spare minutes here and there. Either way, by hook or crook, it’ll get done. Be patient. Please!

– Pete

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (November 21, 2008)

Hello! Bear with me, while I get all of this stuff sorted out. I’m doing some fairly interesting structural changes around the GitM web-site. It’ll make it a lot easier to read the episodes (I recognize
that maybe a single page loaded with ten-to-fifteen thousand words is not the easiest read) but it’ll take me a bit to get everything set up. Everything’s online though, so if for some reason the episodes vanish, worry not, they’ll be back in a moment. And they’re probably still around somewhere.

What do those dippy signs say in businesses? Pardon our dust.

ADDENDUM  1: It’s getting better assembled. I think I’ve figured out how the episode reading system is going to work. It seems to flow fairly comfortably, without requiring you to wade through a single page full of fifteen thousand words or so. Still working on it. And for awhile, it IS possible that some of the episodes will remain single-paged works, as I get the time here and there to break them down into smaller pages. I hope that’s all right.

ADDENDUM 2: Right. Episodes 1, and 2, are now broken down into five parts, to facilitate easier reading (and to make it easier to start and stop reading. A big help. Lord knows how many times I have to stop reading something because my son’s gotten into something). What does everyone think? Better or worse than a whole episode on a single page? It’ll be the work of a moment to revert back to single episode pages, if everyone loathes the five-part system.

~ Pete


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